Monday, February 27, 2017

Shamrock Pottery

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, you might want to look into some Shamrock-styled pottery. Two companies that have created some beautifully crafted pieces are Belleek Pottery and Anysley China.

Belleek Pottery, which began trading in 1884, is located in what is now Northern Ireland. John Caldwell Bloomfield lived in the Village of Belleek where the company was created and where the company’s name came from. He found the materials necessary to create pottery, which prompted him to find people such as Robert Williams Armstrong and David McBirney, to get the company going. Belleek Pottery started off with just high quality domestic ware.  Belleek Pottery has created some amazing basket-weave Shamrock pieces to fit the lifestyle of Northern Ireland.

In 1775, John Aynsley began his dream of making pottery. His grandson, John Aynsley II, was the one to make Aynsley China reach new heights. This British company, which makes many different patterns of china, has made some beautiful Shamrock patterns that would spruce up any St. Patrick’s Day gathering.

Come in and see what Shamrock pieces we have to offer that will make your St. Patrick’s Day party the highlight of the day.

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