Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Decorating Tips

You’ve decided to finally decorate your bedroom, living room, or guest room.  Do you know where to start?

One of the best tips any decorator could possibly give you is to begin with a particular color scheme.  Think about what color you would most like to include in your room and then you can look to see what complimentary colors you could additionally use.

However, do not use more than three different colors in any particular room.

One idea is to use pink, green, and beige for a girl’s room.  These are great colors to use and you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect comforter to match.

You could also look at ways to incorporate your personality by adding a beautiful glass figurine.

I’d suggest choosing your favorite animal such as a dolphin or a frog.

Fenton has since retired from making many different figurines, but you can still find them in stores, such as ours, or on ebay.

Fenton has many different animal figurines such as birthstone teddy bears, deer, dolphins, and many other animals to choose from.

It is very easy to find one that will match your color scheme as well in your newly decorated room.

Come in and see what ones we have to choose from that will help add a bit of personality while you finish decorating your house.