Friday, October 30, 2015

Hallow's Eve, Cats!

Have a love of cats? Want to display your affection for these felines in the elegant way? Many people love to decorate their homes with animal figurines and the most popular of them are cats.

Fenton cats are beautiful and tasteful. Our favorite of course is the Alley Cat. Fenton Art Glass founded in 1905 is well known for its beautiful Alley Cat. The Alley Cat has an elongated neck, tilted head, and loveable animated grin. The Alley Cat comes in many colors, sometimes it is hand-painted, often has glitter and are loved by many cat lovers.

Playful kittens, curious cats and Happy Cats have also been included in Fenton’s cat figurines. Sometimes the cats are black or orange for Halloween. Many of the cats are painted with Halloween designs. Others are hand-painted to show the playful side of cats. Some cats are made from Slag glass. Slag glass can resemble marble cake. Usually there are streaks of different colors in the figurine.

Unfortunately, the beloved Alley Cat will no longer be made. So, the Alley Cats will be treasured by many. If you have one you are lucky!