Saturday, March 14, 2015

Snowmen Fenton

Snowmen are enjoyed by the young and the old in the winter. Instead of having to make your own snowmen that will melt with the warm weather, Fenton has some bright and cheery glass Snowmen. The snowmen, while made of white, have red, blue, green, and orange painted on them to give a fun and joyful look. Many of the snowmen have either striped or polka dot scarves. The big snowmen are fairy lights, which creates a warm glow when the candle is lit from within the glass. The smaller snowmen and snow ladies are figurines that can be used as paperweights or just as decorative pieces to display a bit of fun in the winter.   

When life gives you snow make snowmen!  Or at least enjoy them in your home.
Helen H. Moore
"Snowflakes falling
Thick and fast,
Build a snowman
Make him last . . .
Snowflakes falling,
Swirling, slow,
My snowman melted -
Where'd he go?"